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Online banking and shopping are great ways to keep on top of your finances and buy the things you need without having to elbow, and be elbowed, your way through high street crowds. However, both activities are targets for hackers keen to get their digital paws on your personal information. That said, follow a few simple rules, as set out below, and you’ll be safe.   The internet revolution has crept up silently. Ten years ago online banking and shopping was just beginning to take hold. Today both are irrevocably mainstream and growing exponentially each year. eMarketer, one of the industry’s leading market research firms predicted that global ecommerce sales will increase by just over 20% in 2014 to reach a whopping $1,500 trillion. This figure also factors in surging sales via mobile devices. According to research by the CEB TowerGroup in April of this year, most retail banking customers in the US prefer to bank through online and mobile channels with at least 70% of customers in the future slated to use digital as their banking channel of choice. A similar pattern is also evident in Europe. Unfortunately and almost inevitably, there’s also been a corresponding rise in hacking and identity fraud. CIFAS, a UK-based fraud prevention service said: “Year-on-year, impersonation fraud continues to grow. Since 1999 impersonation fraud has risen by 63% and is one of the fastest growing fraud types in the UK.” Hacking has also spiralled upwards. US intelligence officials reportedly claimed that the US economy is being hit every year by hackers to the tune of $445 billion. The author of the report that cited this figure put it bluntly when he said “Cybercrime is here to stay.” We’d challenge this assertion and flip it around by saying cybercrime is not only here to stay but will continue to grow, mirroring the inexorable year-on-year growth in online banking and shopping. Staying safe online To make sure you don’t become a victim to the deviant ways of cyber criminals, you just need to follow some simple guidelines. Below are ten top tips that will protect you and help you stay safe online. Your personal data is personal – don’t give it away As a general...

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  Our formula of success has led growth of WD Red into higher capacities and expansion into new 2.5-inch solutions. We now offer a broader, more comprehensive portfolio of NAS hard drives for our customers. It is not just about NAS drives, it is REDvolutionary.   Next generation experience Every component, line of code, and product decision was built on our passion and determination to deliver the best NAS experience.The next generation of WD Red hard drives delivers on this promise with massive capacity and NASware 2.0, which further improves drive reliability and protects your data in the event of a power loss or power disruption.   Experienced in NAS In all of our cultures around the world, first impressions are what leave a mark. With superior technology that is driven to impress, WD Red is a reflection of the most extensive NAS partner compatibility-testing list that is available on the market*. That means when you buy a NAS enclosure, you can trust that WD Red will be the most compatible drive available. Our pride is in our product and our vision is shared with our customers. NAS for home Take your connected home environment to the next level with a NAS system that is equipped with WD Red hard drives and enjoy streaming your media, backing up your computers, file sharing and managing your digital content faster and easier. WD Red’s NASware 2.0 experience with increased compatibility makes sharing from your mobile device, computer, TV, stereo and more an instant gratification. And with capacities now available in 4 TB, a 5-bay NAS system can hold close to 20 terabytes of data! NAS for small business Increase the efficiency and productivity of your small business with WD Red hard drives for your 1 to 5 bay NAS system. WD Red comes equipped with NASware 2.0, which increases system compatibility allowing for seamless integration with your existing network infrastructure. Add value to your business by enabling your employees to quickly share their files and back up folders reliably with WD Red NAS hard drives in your NAS solution.   If you are interested in pricing and availability on any of these drives, or if you would like information on any...

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