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Take on your day with the all-new Razer Nabu X The Razer Nabu X offers a no-screen, no-fuss notification interface, meaning you keep your head up and in the game at all times. It simply vibrates when you get an incoming alert from your phone, and the LEDs light up in customizable colours. Customizable LEDs Set what colors the indicators flash in when you get incoming calls, alarms or notifications. You’ll always know exactly what you’re being notified about so you can act accordingly. Vibration Set the vibration intensity so you always stay informed in just the way you want – without missing a thing. Goal Indicator Double-tapping the Nabu X’s sensor module illuminates the LEDs, displaying how far along you are in reaching your goals, whether that’s how many steps you’ve taken, distance traveled, hours slept, and more. Seeing your progress and staying motivated is simple and fun. Stay Active All tracked by Nabu X’s accelerometer and algorithms, with progress displayed on the companion fitness app of your choice. Adventure Together Nabu X is a social wearable, outfitted with Razer’s proprietary Pulse technology to allow Nabu and Nabu X bands to “talk” to each other in a specified proximity. This creates fun, new ways of connecting with others and interacting with the world around you. High-five to exchange info A high-five with another Nabu user can exchange Facebook, Twitter or WeChat contact information. Make meeting new people fun and convenient! Share and compare activity data Two or more Razer Nabus in a specified proximity can exchange user tags which are used by connected apps to allow users to make new friends, share things, and discover an incredibly connected world. Multiplayer Games Countless developers are working on fun new ways for you to use your Nabu X, including multiplayer games that connect you to others in real life, with exciting virtual feedback. Stay tuned as more apps get made for the Nabu X. All-Day Wear Detachable sensor module   One-size-fits-all strap 5-7 Days Battery life 30 days standby. Water resistant up to 1m. Experience more apps with Nabu X The Razer Nabu and Nabu X both share integrations with the same apps and innovations. Nabu app marketplace Nabu App...

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